The Football Group

The Football Group is a unique partnership between two established football companies that have come together to create synergies within the game.

We cover the full range of professional football services as well as a general football business consultancy.

AsiaEurope Football Consultancy

(AsiaEurope FC)

AsiaEurope Football Consultancy (AsiaEurope FC) offers a portfolio of services to all forms of football organisations and individuals, including governing bodies, clubs, charitable foundations, agents and players.

AsiaEurope Football Consultancy covers a wide range of professional football services, as well as a general football business consultancy.

AsiaEurope FC is headed by Majid Lavji, who has a comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience of the football industry in Asia, Europe and Africa, Majid is also a registered football intermediary.

AsiaEurope Football Consultancy has expanded year-on-year since it established. We have experienced consultants throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the Far East.

Our consultants are experienced and qualified from relevant backgrounds with sound and proven management practice. United across the globe, our team of experienced consultants work across time zones, speaking many different languages, who understand the needs of their clients at a local level.

Our Partners

Companies, Football Clubs, Education and Government Organisations that AsiaEurope Football and our partners have worked with over the years…

“To create lasting and positive solutions for sporting personnel, agencies, sporting clubs and associated organisations”