Founded in 1999 OneCulture is a dynamic venture whose mission is to give more children, particularly in disadvantaged areas, access to a wide range of quality sport and education.

We look to harness the proven power of sport to tackle social exclusion, inactivity in areas where help is most needed. We achieve this through empowering the inspirational community volunteers with expert advice and networking to help create thriving clubs which get more people positively engaged.

OneCulture assembles highly qualified teams of coaching staff to deliver our festivals in Africa and Asia. We align our initiative alongside supporting NGOs, government departments, British & International schools and appropriate partner organisations, bringing added value to relationship and capacity building.

Work is on-going and will continue to build our programmes of sport particularly football in Central and West Africa and the Indian Sub-continent as part of a long-term, sustainable programme.

Contributing toward the UN Millennium Development Goals

UNITE children through sport (boys and girls), addressing health education and life skills.

EMPOWER local teaching staff (male and female), providing equipment, resources, training and knowledge.

INSPIRE sustainable development through the establishment and development of long-term, international school links.


OneCulture Football and Sport Festivals

OneCulture Football Festival

“AsiaEurope OneCulture Football Festival”

– UK’s First National Football Festival – Highlighting Asian Football

– Hosted by Liverpool City Council in 2003

– Football Festival created by Majid Lavji

– Became the largest Ethnic Football Festival in Europe


AsiaEurope Football Festival was established in 1999 with a mission to create a tournament which aimed to unite cultures through football. By encouraging people from all backgrounds to play together, we hope to help promote tolerance and understanding in all aspects of life.

AsiaEurope Football Festival which became the largest Ethnic Football Festival in Europe, with the backing of leading football and government organisations.

From 2005 AsiaEurope Football Festival became OneCulture Football Festival in the UK whilst festivals outside the UK are still known as AsiaEurope Football Festival.

Over the last 10 years AsiaEurope Football has grown organically from creating an environment to play football to football marketing and management.

OneCulture Football Festivals are open to ALL and create an environment to unite cultures to play football.
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